“It doesn’t take very long when you’re in the field…to realize or wonder how you can continue to serve and honor these victims without taking steps to stop the abuse…”

Anna Frissell, Executive Director RRCAC and Pledge to Protect Coalition member


Kids in Cass and Clay

1 in 10

Impacted by Sexual Abuse by 18


Lifetime Cost Estimate

Child Sexual Abuse has no boundaries. It is deeply embedded cross culturally, spans economic and social classes and can touch any family. Childhood sexual abuse exists in our homes, schools, and communities. One in 10 children are currently estimated to experience sexual abuse before the age of 18. In Cass and Clay counties, that is 5,146 kids. And yet, incidents are grossly under-reported because sexual abuse exists as a silent and hidden epidemic. Abuse occurs and goes undetected.

The social, health, and economic impacts cause concern for our community; yet citizens are unaware that they, the tax payers, bear the majority of the costs. All the negative impacts are preventable if we can stop abuse from happening in the first place. Education on preventing child sexual abuse can and will thrive in our community.

A movement has begun in our community.  Our goal is to mobilize our entire community to break the silence.  Together, we can end it.

Why we need YOU to take the pledge

Because we can do better. This is an issue for every single citizen, not just for parents or organizations. It is in a false sense of security that the predators prey.

Take the pledge to learn the warning signs and know how to take action.