Determining the need for services

Mental Health Screening and Brief Assessments help determine areas of strengths and difficulties, in order to help connect children with appropriate services.

Children and adolescents who have experienced abuse or trauma are at increased risk for developing emotional and behavioral difficulties. Screening is completed to determine whether a referral for a brief assessment is indicated. The brief assessment includes focused evaluation of common difficulties children may have following trauma. This appointment may last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours and includes the caregiver and child each meeting with a trained therapist. In addition, caregivers and children will answer questionnaires about the child’s emotions and behaviors. The results are used to help guide treatment recommendations for the child and family. When trauma-specific evidence-based treatment is indicated, the child and family will be referred to trained providers at the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center or in the community. Mental health screening and brief assessments are provided at no cost to the child or family.