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The Red River Children’s Advocacy Center partners with dedicated agency leaders working toward a common mission of facilitating a community response to child maltreatment through a team approach to investigation, treatment, prosecution, and prevention. To work in collaborative effort interagency agreements are signed with partnering agencies including Sanford Health System, Altru Health System, Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, CVIC, and the law enforcement, prosecution, and social service agencies in each of the counties and reservations we serve.

The Red River Children’s Advocacy Center is specially designed to feel safe and welcoming to people of all ages. While at the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center, the child and caregiver will meet with an expert who will get to know him/her and will gather information in a way that is neutral, supportive and developmentally appropriate. If medical or mental health services are needed, our staff and multidisciplinary team will help to coordinate those services and make referrals as necessary.

Our Team
We use a multidisciplinary team approach. This team is made up of professionals who are experts in their fields, and work together to share resources and minimize trauma to children.
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